Pickett n803 es manuals

Pickett 505ES Accuraspeed Slide Rule REF: Pickett n803 es manuals 505ES Accuraspeed Slide Rule 1970 Made in USA, designed by E. G. Saenz Front Scale 803 Supplement to Log Log Manual 1. 48Mb: REF Pickett N803T Log Log Speed Rule Dual Base (1960) Pickett N803T Pickett: Description: Price: Date: Bids: Prices of slide rules sold on ebay (the internet auction) in Sep2007: 7ft GIANT PICKETT SLIDERULE model N 1010ES Tr N606ES Pocket Slide Rule Pickett, Inc.

Santa Barbara, CA USA 1 sheet. 200KB: M110 Use of The Slide Rule of Associated Spring Corporation Pickett How To Use Model N16ES Electronic Slide Rule Manual for the slide rule designed by Chan Street, Los Angeles, CA. 1960 Form M23 Pickett This manual came with a Pickett N902ES and Pickett n803 es manuals in fairly good shape after being folded in the case for many years.

This is an updated version of the above manual and is basically unchanged except for the cover artwork. This manual came with a Pickett N803ES and is in fairly good shape after being folded in the case for many years. Author Pickett N803ES Notes: This rule has similar scale arrangements to the Pickett N3T.

The differences are that the scales have swapped sides and some of the Log scales have been removed. Given the number of requests I've received for slide rule manuals, I thought I'd create a separate page listing the ones available on my site.

Here is the 4 halfpage instruction sheets from Pickett on how to use their basic model slide rule. It's applicable to just about any student slide rule.

and you have a perfectly good little Pickett Slide Rule includes Manual& Case: 31. 04: 03Jul2008: 18: Pickett Slide Rule includes Manual& Case: 31. 04: 11Jul2008: 4" All metal slide rule, Pickett model N803 ES, le: 28.

55: 29Jul2008: 5: Vintage 1953 Pickett 140 Slide Rule Case& Man: 28. 00: 10Jul2008: 11: Pickett Slide Rule Model N600ES Leather Pouch: 28. 00: 08 6" 5" Pickett Metric Conversion Pocket Slide Rule. Metric Converter and Simplex Trig format rule, shown complete in factory box with case, and manual. An incredibly useful rule, this has extensive metric conversion (including temperature) on one side, and a full function trig rule on the other. My collection of Pickett slide rules. Pickett N600ES Speed Rule.

This is the slide rule that went to the moon (well, not this actual one, presumably). Pickett N4es Slide Rule Manual Vintage Pickett All Metal Slide Rule N4ES, 68. 00, 28Jul2007, 15. 3 Slide Rules 3 Pickett Slide Rule Rules Manuals Log Log Tr, 17. 50, 29Jul2007, 4. Pickett N3ES Duplex Slide Rule Previous. Next Description This teninch aluminum duplex linear slide rule is coated with Pickett's distinctive" eye saver" yellow coloring.

The magnifying indicator is made of nylon (the" N" in the model number) with white plastic sides. The front top of the base has two extended square root scales and K and