Parallel compression in cubase 4 manual

Steinberg Zero Downtime As with most software, the retail value is reflected in the license to use this product. Read up on what measures you can take in case of a defective or lost USBeLicenser. Jul 15, 2010  Parallel Drum Compression in Cubase 5 Sign in to disable this ad I need to do a parallel compression on a kit I recorded, but it Mar 03, 2008 Parallel compression is when the returnoutput of a compressor is plugged into another input beside the insert return.

Then the compressed signal and the uncompressed signal are mixed together. I can also be done via busses, if one desires a number of tracks feeding the compressor. 4 HFC SYSTEMS 1. 1 INTRODUCTION This manual provides an introduction to KysorWarrens (KW) portfolio of HFC compressor refrigeration systems.

The intended audience are contractors and other personnel involved in the installation and operation of these systems. It is NOT an instruction manual nor should it be considered definitive. Jun 11, 2007  How do I STOP phasing issues when using Parallel Compression?

? ? ? ? Production Jun 10, 2007. Fast Quotes. Page 1 Well in cubase or nuendo a way u could stop it i think is by cliking the Phase revers button on the channel that you are doin the parallel compression on. which is stupid because in the manual it says there Parallel compression in Cubase, also known as New York Compression, or simply NY Compression, is a very common used mixing technique. It adds punch to your tracks, to make it sound more alive and fat.

Dec 22, 2008  Latency was an issue in Cubase SX, but SX3 and 4 seem to do a great job at compensation. Or myabe I just really like the things the character downward compressors can add. Either way, I use parallel compression in poprock maybe in 1 of 10 sessions. Get INSTANT ACCESS to the world's best private pro audio With Cubase, you can implement an innovative parallel compression technique first conceived by producer Andrew Scheps. Jun 01, 2013 Parallel Compression using a sendchannel is an elegant solution.

But: Should we send the signal to a group track or to an effects track? Is there a differen Time and time again I find parallel compression useful, be that in mixing individual instruments or bus compression, or mastering. But like anything, it takes time, patience and practice to actually get good results, try not to over do it. May 13, 2008 Parrallel Compression (in theory) is where you duplicate a track. Run one track without compression, and then track a second vocal track (possibly a copy) with a hard compression of say 10: 1 at around 15 db threshold.

You then add this to the mix with your original uncompressed vocal. Feb 05, 2016  Parallel Compression also known as NY Compression is achieved by mixing a dry audio signal to an over compress version of the same signal. The goal is to beef up the sound without destroying the dynamic range of the instrument.