Multi elmac af-67 manual

THE MULTIELMAC AF67 TransCiter is a tentube variable frequency or crystal controlled seven band transmitter or exciter.

All circuits are simultaneously switched to the desired band by a single bandswitch lever. Designed as a complete transmitter for mobile or fixed installations, or an exciter to drive a higher power transmitter.

MultiElmac AF67, PMR6a and M1070 PS 1 AMfone! Worldtime On AMfone HOME ABOUT AMfone AMPX AM Audio Vault I will see if I can make up a pdf of the BAMA PMR6A manual for you and email it to you tomorrow night.

Dave KA2J. Logged Dave KA2J. Opcom. Patrick J. KD5OEI Contributing Member multielma c amateur transciter model af67 installation and operating instruction manual multiproducts co oak park, mich.

multielmac" 0 MultiElmac AF68" Transciter" The MultiProducts Company of Oak Park, Michigan was wellknown in the 1950s for its line of mobile amateur products. This AF68 AMCW transmitter was made in 1960 and was preceded by the A54 and AF67. Brief MutiElmac History The MultiProducts Company was founded in 1947 in Hazel Park, Michigan and later moved to Oak Park, Michigan.

The address of their business was listed as Coolidge Highway in Oak Park. MultiElmac A54 Transmitter Restoration. A54 Description. The MultiElmac A54 and A54H are (AM) plate modulated mobile transmitters manufactured in the early 1950's. Find great deals on eBay for multi elmac. Shop with confidence. AF67 Transciter Classic K4MGSWB4KDI" ELMAC" pre 1955 on the left; " MULTIELMAC" post 1955 on the right. The rust above the meter is from sweaty palms the send receive switch on the power supply was directly above the left side of the transmitter.

Download MULTIELMAC AF67 TRANSCITER. service manual& repair info for electronics experts multielmac manuals All Manuals are copies and are madetoorder unless otherwise noted.

All manuals include schematics unless otherwise noted The ELMAC AF67 Transciter will perform most efficiently when coupled to an antenna resonated to the desired operating frequency. Standard practices should be used for antenna relay control. Typical mobile circuits are shown on drawing# 219, page 17, of this manual. The SM2CEW Multi Elmac AF67 restoration project. Before After MultiElmac AF67 manual, reprint.

This is a digitally copied and enhanced manual for the MultiElmac AF67" Transciter". It has been copied from an original and is clear, clean, and easy to read.

The MULTIELMAC PMR7 RADIO RECEIVER is a ten tube double conversion superheterodyne covering the 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, and 10 meter amateur bands, plus the standard broadcast band. Manual is 22 pages long and includes 11x24 foldout of circuit diagram.

Manual is dated 1956. The Elmac PMR7 radio receiver is a ten tube double conversion super heterodyne covering 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10 meter amateur bands plus standard broadcast band.