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Electric dock levelers are similar except the operation is electric hydraulic. A second type of leveler is the Edge of Dock Leveler that is welded andor bolted to the edge of the dock. These may also be manual mechanical or electric. RiteHite Levelers. A smoother transition to safety and productivity. RiteHite dock levelers are designed for your most demanding dock operations, offering exceptional durability, reliability and the lowest lifetime ownership costs. Today the Kelley product line includes dock levelers, vehicle restraints, integrated control systems, dock seals and shelters, HVLS warehouse fans, ergonomic scissor lift tables and a full array of products and services specifically designed to support customers sustainability initiatives.

PENTALIFT EQUIPMENT CORPORATION M055R30Web August 24, 2016 1: 52 PM MECHANICAL DOCK LEVELER Contat Pentalit it rot serial c equipment. iii 1. When not in use, the dock leveler must be in the stored (cross traffic) position, with the lip inside the front angle. We offer a wide selection of replacement components for Rite Hite brand air bag levelers, hydraulic levelers, manualmechanical levelers, FasTrax We stock all major replacement parts needed to repair your RiteHite Loading Dock Equipment, including levelers and dok lok hook restraints.

Beacon Manual Dock Levelers are loading ramps that include a hinged lip design. Three different styles avaible, contractor grade, standard and heavy duty. All manual dock leveler units are activated with a pull chain while standing on the deck for easy operation. EdgeofDock Leveler. An edge of dock leveler is used to bridge the gap from the edge of a loading area to a truck or ramp.

As opposed to a dockboard, EODs are fixed to the loading dock. Copperloy edge of dock levelers are ideal for use when trucks are backing up to a dock. A mechanical spring counterbalance helps to lift each of these edgeofdock levelers. The dock leveler lip and ramp creates a smooth path for any trailers that The Vestil Mechanical Dock Leveler permanently attaches to the dock to create a ramp to your trailer.

Versatil updown service range. Lip drops automatically behind bumper face when trailer departs. Available in assorted sizes and capacities. 1. ABOUT the USERIES MECHANICAL DOCK LEVELER The Blue Giant USeries Mechanical Dock Leveler is a high performance yet easy to operate system. No manual lifting is involved: simply pull the release chain that activates the locking holddown system, and the deck moves upward, The powerassisted dock leveler is the ideal balance of power and performance for operations needing more efficiency than mechanical levelers, and can continue Used dock levelers help expedite the process of loading and unloading trucks with varying heights.

Adjust the height of your existing loading dock to the height of a truck with a used dock leveler, allowing workers to slide product onto the leveler. SpeedTech Equipment is a certified Michigan NORDOCK dealer for all of your loading dock equipment needs from loading dock levelers, seals, and shelters to loading dock parts. For over twenty years NORDOCK has been committed to providing the best possible product for Shop 9 Dock Levelers Dock Lifts products at Northern Tool Equipment